Yothr CRP.500.1a

Lucius Aurelius Commodus Caesar Augusti FiliusReign: Marcus Aurelius, under I. Pol(l)ion (strategos for the second time, asiarch and neokoros)Mint: Pergamum, MysiaDate: 166/180 ADNominal: BronzeMaterial: AEDiameter: 19mmWeight: 2.77g Reference: RPC IV.2 3291 (under Antoninus Pius with Lucius Verus)Reference: SNG Copenhagen 488 corr.Reference: BMC 297 corr.Reference: Weisser 1020b corr.Reference: Gordy & Mosch Auction 263, Lot 3393 (07.03.2019)RPC … Weiterlesen

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