Yothr CRP.211.1a

Imperator Caesar Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus AugustusReign: Marcus AureliusMint: Cyrrhus Cyrrhestica, SyriaDate: 177/180 ADNominal: BronzeMaterial: AEDiameter: 22mmWeight: 10.36g Reference: RPC IV.3 9042 (#5 this coin)RPC Online: https://rpc.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/coins/4/9042Rare: Specimens 5 (4 in the core collections)Provenance: Lucernae Numismatica Alcala, Spain (Auction 11, Lot 83)Pedigree: – Obverse: Laureate head of (youthful) Commodus, rightInscription: ΑVΤO ΚΑΙϹ Λ ΑVΡΗΛ ΚΟΜΜΟTranslation: … Weiterlesen

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